Conduct Of Training

The field fire course should be fired from the supported fighting position and prone unsupported position. After these are mastered, other firing positions can be considered for training. Initial training should be with single exposed targets and increased time for engagement. As skills improve, multiple targets with shorter exposure times can be engaged.

Soldiers who miss most targets should be removed from the firing line for remedial training if their problem cannot be corrected. When a soldier fires a 300-meter target 10 times and misses it 10 times, it is obvious that he is not learning but instead is losing confidence in his ability. The typical soldier should hit the 300-meter target at least 7 out of 10 times.

Peer coaches should assist soldiers in observing the strike of rounds and in identifying firing problems. If the target is missed and the coach cannot observe the j bullet strike, the coach should instruct the soldier to aim lower for the next shot, \

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