Conduct Of Training

During practice record fire, soldiers fire at 40 single or multiple target exposures. They are issued 20 rounds of ammunition to be fired from the supported fighting position, and 20 rounds to be fired from the prone unsupported position. Based on the total number of hits achieved in each table, soldiers are critiqued on the practice record fire score.

Exposure times are three to seven seconds at ranges of 50 to 300 meters. Since it requires one to two seconds for the manually activated target mechanism to raise the target, timing begins when the target is fully exposed rather then when the target switch is activated by the tower operator. When practice record fire is conducted on the new family of automated record fire ranges, these factors are included in the computer program.

Alibi Firing. Alibi firing should be conducted at the end of each firing table and IAW the tower operator commands. Alibis are provided during practice record fire for three reasons: malfunction of the rifle, malfunction of the target mechanism, or faulty ammunition.

Uniform and Equipment. Soldiers do not need to wear full field equipment while firing the practice record fire course. Wearing helmets and LBE have little or no effect on performance; however, local commanders could require that they be worn. If so, the same equipment should be worn during the official record fire.

Range Training Areas. Three range/training areas are as follows: Orientation Area. This area is located so firers cannot see the firing area. Practice record fire orientation includes conduct of fire, instructions on safety, and range operations (procedures in ready and retired areas).

Ready Area This area is near the firing range and is located so firers cannot see targets on the range. The firer blackens the rifle sights, lubricates the rifle, and checks for defects that might cause malfunctions.

Retired Area. This area is about 100 meters behind the ready area. Soldiers completing practice record fire move to the retired area to clean their rifles and to be critiqued on their firing performance.

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