Conduct Of Trials

Before a trial is conducted, soldiers face away from the range area so that target men can assume their positions unobserved. When target men are in position, soldiers are told to face downrange. There are four types of trials conducted during target detection training: stationary trials, moving trials, stationary sound trials, and multiple moving and sound target trials. Certain factors can affect the appearance of objects and should be known by the firer (Table B-l, page B-12).

Stationary Trials. Normally, there are four phases in each stationary trial. The first three phases last 30 seconds each.

PHASE ONE: The target man remains motionless in a slightly exposed position. This allows him to observe the heads and chests of soldiers along the observation line.

PHASE TWO: The same target man slowly raises his head and shoulders until he can observe the soldiers on the observation line from the ground up.

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