Target detection ranges must be located in areas having good natural vegetation and close to the firing range. (Figure B-5.)

The observation line should be the first area of the target detection range to be built. The location of all downrange panels, sound systems, and foliage depends on the degree of visibility from the defensive position (observation) line. The observation line should be wide enough to accommodate 50 points. The distance between observation points should be no closer than two meters. An observation line of this size can accommodate half of a 200-man unit (50 two-man teams).

NOTE: An initial rehearsal should be conducted for each target detection exercise. More rehearsals are needed only if target men are changed. A presenta-tion refers to each time one exercise is conducted. A rehearsal is counted as a presentation.

X he observation tan should cover an area between JU degrees leu ol ifie let! Llarik point of the observation line to 30 degrees right of the right flank point. To provide maximum flexibility in conducting exercises in range determination, the target detection range should be deeper than 500 meters. Installations having limited training space can conduct effective training on ranges at least 300 meters deep.

Figure B-5. Target detection range.

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