The disconnector is mechanism installed so that the firer can fire single rounds in the M16A1 and M16A2 rifles. It is attached to the trigger and is rotated forward by action of the disconnector spring. When the hammer is cocked by the recoil of the bolt carrier, the disconnector engages the lower hook of the hammer and holds it until the trigger is released. Then the disconnector rotates to the rear and down, disengaging the hammer and allowing it to rotate forward until caught by the nose of the trigger. This prevents the hammer from following the bolt carrier forward and causing multiple firing. The trigger must be squeezed again before the next round will fire.


When the selector lever (Figure 2-12) is set on the AUTO position, the rifle continues to fire as long as the trigger is held back and ammunition is in the magazine. The functioning of certain parts of the rifle changes when firing automatically.

Once the trigger is squeezed and the round is fired, the bolt carrier group moves to the rear and the hammer is cocked. The center cam of the selector depresses the rear of the disconnector and prevents the nose of the disconnector from engaging the lower hammer hook. The bottom part of the automatic sear catches the upper hammer hook and holds it until the bolt carrier group moves forward. The bottom part strikes the top of the sear and releases the hammer, causing the rifle to fire automatically.

If the trigger is released, the hammer moves forward and is caught by the nose of the trigger. This ends the automatic cycle of fire until the trigger is squeezed again.

M16a2 Mechanism

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