Downrange Feedback Targets

The M16A1/M16A2 75-meter feedback target is the size of an actual F-type silhouette target with 6 inches cut from the bottom to allow for the target-holding mechanism and skip plate. When viewed from a distance of 75 meters, the target looks similar to a standard F-type silhouette on the field-fire range. However, there are important differences.

The target and surrounding space are large enough to capture all bullets fired. The firer moves to the target and actually locates each bullet hole. Information similar to that on the zero target has been overprinted to assist in applying sight adjustments. The 12-cm circle provides a standard equivalent to the 4-cm requirement on the zero range. An X is placed in the bottom portion of the circle to show the firer where he must aim on this target so his bullets will hit target center of mass when his rifle is zeroed. This target can be used at any range to capture bullet strike; however, the overprinted material is valid only at 75 meters.

The M16A1/M16A2 175-meter and 300-meter feedback targets are designed for use at 175 or 300 meters and have the same features as the 75-meter target (Figure G-33). Both targets can be used to confirm weapon zero or to refine the zero obtained on the 25-meter range. The zero obtained on these targets are more valid than the zero obtained on the 25-meter range. For example, when engaging this actual-size target at 175 or 300 meters from a supported position, it is a closer approximation to the actual task than the scaled target at 25 meters. By allowing for the adjusted aiming point and for wind, this exercise can contribute to a refinement of the zero.

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