Failure to Feed Chamber or Lock

Description. A malfunction can occur when loading the rifle or during the cycle of operation. Once the magazine has been loaded into the rifle, the forward movement of the bolt carrier group could lack enough force (generated by the expansion of the action spring) to feed, chamber, and lock the first round. While firing, the cycle of function is interrupted by a failure to strip a round from the magazine, to chamber the round, and to lock it (Figure 2-14).

Probable causes. The cause could be the result of one or more of the following: excess accumulation of dirt or fouling in and around the bolt and bolt carrier, defective magazine (dented or bulged), magazine improperly loaded. A defective round (projectile forced back into the cartridge case that could result in a "stubbed round") or the base of the previous field cartridge could be separated, leaving the remainder in

Figure 2-14. Failure to feed, chamber, or lock.

Figure 2-14. Failure to feed, chamber, or lock.

Trajectory M16a2

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