The Weaponeer provides feedback to help trainers to teach and soldiers to learn marksmanship skills.

Fall-When-Hit Mode. The fall-when-hit mode is enabled by lighting the KILL button. When the button is activated, targets fall when hit. This feedback provides the same hit/miss information as a train-fire (RETS) range.

Real-Time Aiming Point Display. When a firer aims on or near a target, his aiming point relative to the target is continuously displayed on the video screen. The aiming point display allows the trainer to teach and verify aiming techniques, and to continuously monitor the firer's steadiness, techniques, time on target, trigger squeeze, and recovery from recoil.

Immediate-Shot-Impact Display. When a shot is fired, its impact relative to the target is immediately displayed on the video screen as a blinking white dot. (The left target in Figure C-13.)

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