completed, the target man triangulates the three shots and labels it shot group number one. The firer and instructor view the shot group.

A simulated shot group covered within a 1-cm (diameter) circle indicates consistent aiming. Since no rifle or ammunition variability is involved and since there is no requirement to place the shot group in a certain location, a 1-cm standard may be compared to obtaining a 4-cm shot group on the 25-meter live-fire zero range. The soldier fires several shot groups. After two or three shot groups are completed in one location, the rifle, paper holder, or paper is moved so shots fall on a clean section of the paper.

Any movement of the rifle or paper between the first and third shots of a group voids the exercise. Two devices are available to hold the rifle (Figures C-6 and Figure C-7). The rifle holding device and rifle holding box are positioned on level ground, or are secured by sandbags or stakes to ensure there is no rifle movement during the firing of the three shots. Movement of the paper is eased by using a solid backing (Figure C-8). Any movement of either is refle cted in the size of the shot group. Several varieties of wooden target boxes have been locally fabricated. A new rifle holder has been developed and should be used (Figure C-7).

Fig ure C-6. Rifle holding device (TA-G-12A).

The silhouettes on the plastic paddle (Figure C-9) are scaled to represent an E-type silhouette target at 250 meters. The visual perception during the target-box exercise is similar to what a soldier sees while zeroing on a standard zeroing target. The small E-type silhouette is the same scale at 15 yards as the larger silhouette is at the 25-meter range (some training areas are set up at 15 yards; others are set up at 25 meters). While there are some benefits to representing a 250-meter target, the main benefit of this exercise can be obtained at any distance. A standard zero target can be used at 25 meters in place of the paddle by placing a small hole in the center (dot), moving the target sheet over the paper, and marking as previously outlined.

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