the supported firing position. Using rapid semiautomatic fire, fire 9 rounds at ┬┐he ''open window" area of the target and 12 rounds at the "fence/hedgerow" area of the target. Using automatic fire, fire three 3-round bursts at the "tank turret" area of the target.

STANDARDS: Each soldier must obtain 10 hits inside the dotted lines surrounding the "fence/hedgerow" area within 24 seconds, 5 hits inside the "open window" area within 18 seconds, and 3 hits inside the "tank turret" area (no time limit).

TASK: Apply the integrated act of automatic rifie firing using the automatic firing position.

CONDITIONS: Given the M16A1/A2 rifie with bipod, 36 rounds of ammunition, and scaled silhouette targets at 25 meters; assume the M60 modified prone position or M60 modified supported position.

STANDARDS: Fire the weapon in rapid 3-round bursts and obtain 5 target hits while demonstrating control of the weapon in the automatic mode.

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