Practice firing under full MOPP can also be conducted on the standard RETS ranges—for example, the standard record fire tables may be fired in MOPP. MOPP fire must also be part of unit tactical exercises, which are fired on MPRC as part of STXs.

NOTE: The 22-ealiber rimfire adapter or plastic practice ammunition may be used during live-fire practice at scaled 25-meter targets when 5.56-mm ammunition is not available.

When the rimfire adapter, plastic ammunition, or live-fire range is not available, the Weaponeer device may be used. Scaled silhouette targets may also be used at this distance to introduce the many target sizes common at longer ranges. The slow-fire target and course outlined in Appendix E are appropriate.

Having mastered the 25-meter firing phase, the soldier is then introduced to firing at range, using the standard 75-, 175-, and 300-meter downrange feedback targets (Chapter 3). Adjusted point of aim, for individual differences of cant, is first used during this training. Live-fire training is conducted on a KD or modified field fire range, giving the soldier feedback on targets engaged at many ranges.


The enemy normally moves by rushes from one covered or concealed position to another. While making the rush, the enemy soldier presents a rapidly moving target. However, for a brief time as he begins, movement is slow since many steps are needed to gain speed. Many steps are needed to slow down at the new position. A moving target is open to aimed fire both times.

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