Pit Officer. The pit officer is the main link in the range chain of command and operates under the orders of the chief range officer. He may be an NCO, depending on local restrictions. The pit officer performs the following:

• Maintains radio or telephone contact with the chief range officer during operation of the range.

• Serves as the timekeeper for target exposures.

• Is responsible to the chief range officer for the safety and conduct of the pit crew.

• Prepares and operates targets, scoring, and alibi target exposures.

• Conducts a pit safety briefing before firing and each time a pit crew changeover occurs.

• Briefs the pit crew to ensure each firing point pair understands their duties. The pit crew raises, lowers, disks, and repairs its respective targets upon command from the pit officer. All targets must be raised or lowered at the same time on order of the pit officer. The crew scores its assigned target only upon command from the pit officer.

• Announces alibi and retire targets. Alibi and refire targets are raised and lowered on order from the pit officer. All other targets remain lowered.

• Collects the scorecards from the pit crew at the end of each firing order.

• Verifies an signs the scorecards.

• Announces individual scores if requested by the chief range officer.

Firing Line Assistant Instructors/Trainers. Firing line assistant instructors/trainers perform as safety personnel and confirm allowable alibis during record fire.

Firing Line Safety Personnel. Firing line safety personnel are responsible for precise timing of individual alibi firers. They inform the chief range officer of rounds fired after the time allowed for alibis. The chief range officer informs the pit officer of rounds fired after the allotted time, which are scored as misses.

All Personnel. All personnel complete scorecards. The pit officer maintains scorecards by firing order and firing point number in the pits.

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