two target men should fire at the same time to demonstrate how hard it is to locate similar sounds coming from two directions at the same time.

NOTE: For more detailed information, see Exercise 5.

Multiple Moving and Sound Targets. To conduct multiple moving and sound target trials, eight target men are needed (two 4-man teams).

Soldiers are divided into two groups with each pair having one aiming device. The command to begin the exercise is MOVING TARGETS STAND UP; DISAPPEAR AND BEGIN YOUR MOVEMENT. The moving target men expose themselves, resume their concealed positions, and begin their rushes forward. After making their move, some of the target men should fire one or more blank rounds. The observer uses the aiming device to mark the point of disappearance of as many moving targets as possible.

Upon completing a trial, the instructor commands, TARGETS STAND UP, CHECK ALIGNMENT. The target men stand up and the alternate observer checks the accuracy of the observer's work. In the next trial, the alternate observer and observer change p]

NOTE: For more detailed information, see Exercise 7.

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