• Consider the rifle loaded at all times, even in the break areas. Never point the rifle at anyone.

• Left-handed firers will fire the M16A1 with left-handed brass deflectors attached to the rifle.

• Anyone observing an unsafe act will immediately call CEASE FIRE, place his rifle on SAFE, place it in the V-notch stake or on the sandbags, and then give both the vocal alarm and visual signal of cease fire. (Demonstrate and have soldiers demonstrate.)

• Once cleared off the firing line, firers report immedately to the ammunition point and turn in all ammunition and expended brass.

• No one will leave the range until he has been inspected for ammunition and brass.

NOTE: When ail electrical storm occurs, the safety NCO will direct the tower operator to prepare to disperse soldiers. At that time, the tower gives the command LOCK AND CLEAR ALL WEAPONS AND GROUND ALL EQUIPMENT (except for wet-weather gear). Then the tower operator directs soldiers to a safe area.

The instructor/trainer should ask the firers if there are any questions concerning the safety procedures of the range.

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