Black Figure Aiming Rifle

the M16 sighting device is mounted on the rear of the carrying handle, and the charging handle is returned.

The MiĆ³ sighting device can be used in a dry-fire or live-fire environment, but a brass cartridge deflector must be used during live fire. The observer must practice with the sight for it to be effective. For example, the observer looks at a reflected image; if the soldier is aiming to the right, it appears left to the observer. Also, the device must be precisely positioned on the rifle (it may need to be bent to stay on). The observer's position must remain constant. At the same time, the observer talks with the firer to ensure a correct analysis of the aiming procedures.

Rifle M16a1

Blank Firing Attachment (BFA), M15A2. This device (Figure C-4) is attached to the muzzle of the M16A1 or M16A2 rifle. It is designed to keep sufficient gas in the barrel of the weapon to allow semiautomatic, automatic, or burst firing with blank ammunition (M200). After firing 50 rounds, the attachment should be checked for a tight fit. Continuous blank firing results in a carbon buildup in the bore, gas tube, and carrier key. When this occurs, the cleaning procedures in TM 9-1005-249-10 for TM 9-1005-249-34 should be followed.

Target-Box Exercise. The target-box exercise checks the consistency of aiming and placement of three-round shot groups in a dry-fire environment (Figure C-5).

To conduct the exercise, the target man places the silhouette anywhere on the plain sheet of paper and moves the silhouette target as directed by the firer. The two positions must have already been established so that the rifle is pointed at some place on the paper. The positions are separated by 15 yards or 25 meters. When the firer establishes proper aiming, he signals the target man to "Mark." Only hand signals are

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