M16a1 Trajectory

Figure F-4. M16A1 short- and lorig-range trajectories.

M16a2 Sight Picture

• Trajectory (short-range sight) - passes through mass of all targets out to 300 meters.

• Trajectory (long-range sight) — passes through mass of all targets from 325 meters to maximum effective range.

It should be noted that the same scale was used in Figures F-2, F-3, and F-4. Therefore, the relationship between the bore line and trajectory is similar in all figures. The bullet drops from the bore line the same way regardless of the zero range.

M16A2 and M855 ammunition.

Bullet drop. The bullet drop for the M16A2 is similar to that discussed for the M16A1. The M16A2 rifle is zeroed for 300 meters. Therefore, point of aim and point of impact are center of mass at 300 meters with subsequent rear sight elevation settings out to 800 meters. The adjusted aiming points for all targets less than 300 meters are shown in Figure F-5.

Trajectory. For engagement at ranges greater than 300-meters, setting the correct range on the rear sight elevation knob results in the point of impact being the same.

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