Test Number Three—Sound Targets. Test number three involves sound targets. The test is conducted the same as practical exercises for locating sound targets. On command, one or two target men fire their rifles, and the observer tries to locate the sound using the numbered panels as reference points. One point is awarded for each correct answer.

NOTE: For more detailed information see Exercis 9. AH reproducible forms are contained in-Appendix H.

The following exercises teach soldiers the skills and techniques of detecting, marking, and determining the range to realistic battlefield targets.

Exercise 1: Introduction to Target Detection (Two Hours).

Range facilities. Two target detection ranges.


• Two principal instructors (one for each range).

NOTE: One principal instructor is needed at each range. He sets up the range, trains target men, and conducts the class. Four assistant instructors are needed for each range. They control the observers, assist in scoring, and are familiar with the position of the targets. The six target men (three for each range) must be trained to perform the duties of "targets." Each is assigned a number of target placements within a certain area. All target men are given a target trial card containing only the trial numbers and the indications he is to perform.

Blank ammunition requirements.

♦ For each presentation:

First hour: Five rounds for demonstration. Second hour: Fifteen rounds for practice exercise.

First hour: Five rounds.

Second hour: Fifteen rounds. Master trial sheet: Exercises 1, 2 and 8. (Table B-2).

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