NCOIC — noncommissioned officer in charge

NG — Army National Guard

NSN — national stock number

NVD — night vision device

OIC— officer in charge

OSUT — one station unit training

PH- probability of hit

POC— point of contact

POI — program(s) of instruction

PPA— plastic practice ammunition

PR! — preliminary rifle instruction

RATELO — radiotelephone operator

RETS — remote electronic target system

RFA — rimfire adapter

ROTC— Reserve Officers' Training Corps

SAAD — small-arms air defense

SAW — squad automatic weapon

SOP — standing operating procedure

SQT — skill qualification test

TASC — Training and Audiovisual Support Center

TEC — training extension course

TM — technical manual

TRADOC- Training and Doctrine Command

TVT — television tape

USAMU — US Army Marksmanship Unit

USAR— United States Army Reserve

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