selection, 3-1 duties, 3-2 qualification training, A-3 quick fire effectiveness, 4-11 modifications, 4-13 training, 4-13

ranges alternate qualification courses, G-48 field fire, G-33 grouping, G-1 known-distance, G-25 known-distance alternate course, G-28 operations checklist, D-6 personnel, D-2 practice record fire, G-39 procedures, D-3 record fire, G-42 target detection, B-9 zero, G-10 rapid magazine changes, 4-4, 4-5 (illus) rapid semiautomatic fire, 4-3 effectiveness, 4-3 magazine changes, 4-4 modifications, 4-3 training, 4-7 rate of fire, 4-2 record fire, 3-27

Record Fire Scorecard(DA Form 3595-R)

G-41, G-47 Record Firing Scorecard - Known-

Distance Course (DA Form 5789-R), G-31

Record Firing Scorecard — Scaled Target Alternate Course (DA Form 5789-R), G-52

Riddle sighting device, C-2, C-3 (illus) rifle holding device, C-6 (illus)

75-, 175-, and 300-Meter Downrange

Feedback Scorecard (DA Form 5239-R), G-21 safety briefing, D-1 sights standard (M16A1), 3-22, 3-24

standard (M16A2), 3-25

Single and Multiple Targets — Field Firing

Scorecard (DA Form 5241-R), G-37 single-lead rule, 4-21 Single Target —Field Firing Scorecard

(DA Form 3601-R), G-36 suppressive fire, 4-1

target box exercise, C-4, C-5 (illus) target detection, B-l exercises, B-l, B-15 MOPP firing, 4-15 range determination, B-4 ranges, B-7 target location, B-l target marking, B-3 tests, B-14

training, conduct of, B-10 trials, conduct of, B-10 Target Detection Exercise Answer Sheet — Periods 1, 2, and 8 (DA Form 3009-R), B-17

Target Detection Exercise AnswerSheet —

Target Detection Exercise Answer Sheet — Period 5 (DA Form 3011-R), B-23

Target Detection Exercise Answer Sheet-Period 7 (DA Form 5791-R), B 27

Target Detection Exercise Answer Sheets Tests No. 2 and 3 - Period 9 (DA Form 3014-R), B-31 target engagement techniques, 5-4 target marking, B-3 targets, scaled silhouette, E-l slow-fire target, E-l, E-3 (illus),

E-7 (illus) training, E-4 target trial card, B-10, B-ll (illus) training aids and devices caliber .22 rimfire adapter, M261, C-12 classifications, C-l exercises, C-2

location of miss and hit (LOMAH) system, C-12

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