Figure 5-3. Night fire target.

Figure 5-3. Night fire target.

When the automated range is used, the soldier's performance is recorded in the tower. If automatic scoring is not available, F-type and E-type silhouette paper facings are attached to the mechanical target, and bullet holes are counted. Facings may be repaired or replaced for each firer.

To meet the annual/semiannual minimum performance requirements, all soldiers must hit and kill seven separate targets out of 30 exposures. The results are annotated on the soldier's record fire scorecard.

• Individual. Application of immediate action, rapid magazine changes, and refinements of the modified quick-fire aiming point should be tested and evaluated for further training.

- Unassisted After soldiers exhibit proficiency of individual tasks, training and evaluation at ranges beyond those possible using only the rifle are indicated.

- Artificial illumination. After mastering the unassisted night fire task and after repeated dry-fire training under artificial illumination, the soldier is ready to be tested and evaluated using live fire under illumination. Pop-up or

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