multipurpose arcade combat simulator,

C-13 resources, C-l selection of, C-8 target ordering numbers, C-10 Weaponeer, C-l7 training, rifle marksmanship, 3-1 automatic fire, 4-10 basic program, 3-1 conduct of, 3-3 downrange feedback, 3-27 dry fire, 3-18 field fire, 3-27 firing positions, 3-12 night firing, 5-5 practice record fire, 3-27 quick fire, 4-13 rapid-fire, 4-7 record fiere, 3-27 target detection, B-10 training strategy, 1-1,1-2 (illus) initial training, 1-3 sustainment training, 1-3 training, year-round marksmanship, A-1 live-fire exercises, A-15 sample evaluation quide, A-16

tasks, A-4 to A-15 training the trainer, A-2 qualification training, A-3 unit sustainment, A-15

unit sustainment training, A-15, C-22

wind, effects of, F-7

aiming point, adjusted, F-10 measurement, F-9 flag method, F-9 observation method, F-10 pointing method, F-9 wind speed and direction, F-7

Weaponeer, C-l7 (illus) characteristics, C-15 description, C-16 equipment data, C-16 mobile configuration, C-19 mobile mounting stand, C-21 (illus) mobile training unit, C-20 (illus) use, C-1S


M16A1,3-21,3-22 M16A2, 3-25

Index 4

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