Initial Entry Training (IET) - Indicates the first training received by a new soldier, including the MOS-producing portion of his training such as one-station unit training

Initial Pressure—The application of about half of the total trigger pressure it takes to fire the rifle.

Instructor/Trainer Ratio—The number of soldiers for which each instructor/trainer is responsible.

Internal Ballistics — What happens to the bullet before it leaves the muzzle of the rifle.

Known Distance (KD) — Describes the older range complexes with large target frames behind a large berm and firing lines at 100-yard or 100-meter increments. (See FM 25-7.)

Laser — Light amplification by simulated emission of radiation.

Lead — Distance ahead of a moving target that a rifle must be aimed to hit the target.

Lead Rule—Provides a soldier guidance on how to adjust his aiming point to hit moving targets.

Line of Sight — A line between the rifle and the aiming point, extending from the firing eye through the center of the rear aperture, across the tip of the front sight post, and onto the target.

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) — A projectile location system that provides immediate and precise information to the firer concerning bullet strike (hit or miss).

Locking—The step in the cycle of operation that is a counterclockwise rotation of the bolt, securing it into the barrel locking lugs.

Long-Range Sight—The aperture marked L on the M16A1 rifle equipped with standard sights; provides for a zero at 375 meters. The M16A1 rifle equipped with LLLSS has an aperture marked L, but it is a regular sight.

Low-Light Level Sight System (LLLSS) — A sighting system for low visibility firing that replaces the standard front and rear sights on the M16A1 rifle.

Marksman—The designation given to the lowest qualification rating.

Maximum Effective Range—The greatest distance at which a soldier may be expected to deliver a target hit.

Maximum Effective Rate of Fire—The highest rate of fire that can be maintained and still achieve target hits.

Maximum Range—The longest distance a projectile travels when fired from a weapon held at the optimum angle.

Minute of Angle—An angle that would cover 1 inch at a distance of 100 yards, 2 inches at 200 yards, and so on. Each click of sight adjustment on the M16A1 rifle with standard sights is equal to one minute of angle.


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