Figure C-7. Rifle holder (locally fabricated).

Figure C-7. Rifle holder (locally fabricated).

Figure C-8. Paper being piacedon stationary object,

Target Box Exercise

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The shot-group exercise provides a chance for the trainer to critique the soldier on his aiming procedures, aiming consistency, and placement of shot groups. Assuming that the rifle and paper remain stationary and that the target man properly marks the three shots, the only factor to cause separation of the dots on the paper is error in the soldier's aiming procedures. When the soldier can consistently direct the target into alignment with the sights on this exercise, he should be able to aim at the same center-of-mass point on the zero range or on targets at actual range.

Ball-and-Dummy Exercise. This exercise is conducted on a live-fire range. The coach or designated assistant inserts a dummy round into a magazine of live rounds. In this way, the coach can detect if the firer knows when the rifle is going to fire. The firer must not know when a dummy round is in the magazine. When the hammer falls on a dummy round, which the firer thought was live, the firer and his coach may see

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