Unsupported Position — Any position that requires the firer to hold the weapon steady using only his body (bone support).

Vertical Dispersion—The up-and-down displacement of bullets on a target.

Weaponeer—A training device that simulates the firing of the M16 rifle to provide performance feedback.

Windage Adjustment — Moving the rear sight aperture to cause the bullet to strike left or right on the target.

Wind Value—The effect the wind will have on the trajectory of the bullet.

Wobble Area—The natural movement of the weapon/sights on and around an aiming point when the weapon is being held in a steady position.

Zero Criterion —The standard or requirement for zeroing; 4-centimeter or smaller group at 25 meters.

Zeroing—Adjusting the rifle sights so bullets hit the aiming point at a given range. Zero Target — A scaled-silhouette target with a superimposed grid for use at 25 meters.


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