has aligned the target and sight properly. Many sightings are conducted, and the trainer may include variations to ensure the soldier understands the process.

Figure C-2. Riddle sighting device.

Figure C-2. Riddle sighting device.

M16a2 Angles

magnetic target holder

This device is provided with a small metal clip that slips over the front sight assembly. It allows a smoother surface for attachment of the magnet; however, the device can be used without the metal clip.

M16 Sighting Device. The M16 sighting device (Figure C-3) is made of metal with a tinted square of glass placed at an angle.

When the device is attached to the rear of the M16A1 carrying handle, an observer can look through the sight to see what the firer sees. The M16 sighting device can be mounted on the M16A2 rifle. The charging handle must be pulled to the rear first. Then,

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