Army M16 Scaled Quad Card

the 5.56-mm trajectory out to 25 meters. The correct zeroing target or appropriate scaled-silhouette targets can be used for practice firing exercises at 15 meters (50 feet) or 25 meters.

Advantages and Disadvantages. If the RFA is selected as a training aid, the advantages and disadvantages of the service must be considered during training.

Advantages. The .22-caliber ammunition is cheaper and, therefore, may be available in larger quantities than 5.56-mm ammunition. It can be fired on all approved indoor ranges and in other close-in ranges where 5.56-mm ammunition is prohibited. RFA training can be used to sustain marksmanship skills between periods when full caliber 5.56-mm ammunition training cannot be conducted.

Disadvantages. Some negative training aspects exist because of differences in the weapon's functioning when using the RFA. These differences include the forward assist not working, and the bolt not locking to the rear after the last round is fired. More malfunctions can occur with the RFA than with 5.56-mm ammunition, and immediate-action procedures are different.

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