Battlesight Zero—A sight setting that soldiers keep on their weapons. It provides the highest probability of hitting most high-priority combat targets with minimum adjustment to the aiming point, a 250-meter sight setting as on the M16A1 rifle, and a 300-meter sight setting as on the M16A2 rifle.

Blank Ammunition —A complete cartridge without the bullet used to simulate weapon firing.

Blank Firing Adapter (BFA) — A device that fits in the muzzle of the rifle; used only with blank ammunition.

Brass—An alloy of copper and zinc used to make cartridge cases and bullet jackets. Also, a common name for expended cases.

Breath Control—The third marksmanship fundamental; refers to the control of breathing to help keep the rifle steady during firing.

Bullet —The projectile or ball; the part that goes downrange. It may also be used to refer to the complete cartridge.

BulPs-Eye Target —Any target with a round black circle and scoring rings. Normally used in competitive marksmanship training.

Buttplate —Metal or rubber covering of the end of the stock on the rifle.

Cadre Coach —A trainer with expertise and knowledge exceeding that of the firer.

Caliber — Diameter of the bore; for example, the M 16-series rifle bore is 5.56 mm (.223 inch).

Cartridge—A complete round of ammunition.

Center Of Mass —A point that is horizontally (left and right) and vertically (up and down) at the center of the target.

Chambering—The step in the cycle of operation that refers to fully seating the round in the chamber.

Chamber Plug —A range safety device that is a small plastic plug designed to fit into the chamber of the Ml6. A handle extends out the ejection port so safety personnel can see at a glance that the rifle is clear of ammunition.

Clock Method —Method of calling shots by referring to the figures on an imaginary clock dial assumed to have the target at its center. Also a method of determining the strength and direction of wind.

Coach — Any individual who assists firers on the firing line.

Coach-and-Pupil Method — Method of training in which pairs of pupils take turns practicing a procedure explained by the instructor/trainer.

Cocking—The step in the cycle of operation that refers to the rearward movement of the bolt riding over the hammer, resetting the weapon for subsequent firing.


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