When the zero is confirmed, the firing line is moved to the 100-yard line. Soldiers are issued one magazine of 6 to 10 rounds and engage the (75-meter feedback target) F-type silhouette target from either the prone unsupported position or prone supported position (if fighting positions are not available). After each group has been fired, the target is withdrawn and the rounds are spotted by the pit detail (white on black and black on white). The holes from earlier rounds fired are pasted (black on black and white on white). The instructors/trainers critique the firers after each round.

When all firers have expended 6 to 10 rounds or when proficiency has been demonstrated, the firing line is moved to the 200-yard line. The conduct of fire from the 200- and 300-yard lines is the same procedure as described for the 100-yard line.

If the pit crew has been drawn from the firing unit, the exercise is conducted twice. After completion, the firers on the firing line become the pit crew, and the firers performing pit detail complete the same firing exercise.

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