Rifle Cant — Any leaning of the rifle to the left or right from a vertical position during firing.

Rimfire Adapter—The caliber .22 rimfíre adapter (M261) consists of a bolt and a magazine insert, which allows standard .22-caliber ammunition to be fired in the M16 rifle.

Round — May refer to a complete cartridge or to the bullet.

Scaled-Silhouette Target—Any target that is reduced in size. When it is observed from 25 meters, it looks the same size as though at a greater range.

Sector of Fire—An area assigned to an individual, weapon, or unit to be covered by fire.

Semiautomatic Fire — A mode of fire that allows one round to be fired each time the trigger is pulled.

Serviceability Checks—A technical inspection of the rifle to determine if it is safe to fire and in working condition. (May not ensure accuracy.)

Service Ammunition— Standard ammunition used by the military. Ammunition designed for combat.

Service Rifle — The primary rifle of a military force.

Service School — Branch schools such as the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA, and the Armor School at Fort Knox, KY.

Sharpshooter—The middle rating of qualification.

Shot Group—A number of shots fired using the same aiming point, which accounts for rifle, ammunition, and firer variability. Three shots are enough, but any number of rounds may be fired in a group.

Shot-Group Analysis—A procedure for analyzing the size of shot groups on a target to determine firer error.

Sight Alignment—Placing the center tip of the front sight post in the exact center of the rear aperture.

Sighter Rounds—Rounds fired that allow the bullet strike to be observed in relation to the aiming point.

Sight Picture — Placing correct sight alignment on a selected aiming point on a target.

Sight Radius—The distance from the front sight post to the rear sight aperture of a rifle.

Sighting Device (M16)—A small metal device with a tinted square of glass that is placed on the carrying handle, allowing a coach to see what the firer sees through the sights.

Silhouette Target—A target that represents the outline of a man.


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