Alibi Target—A target or additional target a soldier is allowed to engage during qualification firing when unable to complete a record fire scenario due to circumstances beyond his control; for example, a target mechanism, weapon, or ammunition malfunction.

Alternate Course (AC)—Alternatives to standard qualifications are discussed in Appendix G.

Ammunition Lot—A quantity of cartridges each of which is made by one manufacturer under uniform conditions and is expected to work in a uniform manner.

Ammunition Lot Number—Code number that identifies a particular quantity of ammunition from one manufacturer.

Aperture—The hole in the rear sight.

Armorer—One who services and makes repairs on small arms and performs similar duties to keep small arms ready for use-

Army Training and Evaluation Program (ARTEP)—A guide for the training and evaluation of critical unit combat missions—crew/squad through battalion/task force echelon.

Army Training Center (ATC) — Conducts OSUT and BRM. Locations are Fort Benning, GA; Fort Jackson, SC; Fort Dix, NJ; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort McClellan, AL; Fort Knox, KY; Fort Sill, OK; and Fort Bliss, TX.

Artificial Illuminationa—Any light from a man-made source.

Assault Course — An area of ground used for training soldiers in attacking an enemy in close combat.

Automatic Fire—A firing mode that causes the weapon to continue firing as long as the trigger is held or until all ammunition has been expended.

Ball—The projectile; the bullet.

Ball Ammunition—General-purpose standard service ammunition with a solid core bullet.

Ball and Dummy—An exercise that substitutes a dummy round for a live round without the firer knowing it. An excellent exercise for identifying and correcting trigger jerk.

Ballistics—A science that deals with the motion and flight characteristics of projectiles.

Barrel Erosion — Wearing away of the surface of the bore due to the combined effects of gas washing, coring, and mechanical abrasion.

Basic Marksmanship—Fundamental marksmanship skills taught in BRM during IET and OSUT.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) —The formal course of marksmanship instruction received by all soldiers.


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