Primer—A small explosive device in the center base of the cartridge case that is struck by the firing pin to fire the round.

Probability of Hit (PH) — Ranging from 0 to 1.0, it refers to the odds of a given round hitting the target at a given range.

Qualification Firing —Firing on any authorized course that results in meeting qualification requirements; may also be called record fire. (See record fire.)

Quick Fire—A technique of fire used to engage surprise targets at close ranges.

Range Card — Small chart on which ranges and directions to various targets and other important points in the area under fire are recorded.

Rapid Semiautomatic Fire — A firing procedure that results in an accurate shot being fired every one or two seconds.

Receiver—That portion of a firearm that holds the barrel and houses the bolt and firing mechanism.

Recoil—The rearward motion or kick of a gun upon firing.

Record Fire — Any course of fire used to determine if qualification standards are met. The standard record fire course consists of 40 target exposures at ranges between 50 and 300 meters. The standard course requires 23 hits to qualify as marksman, 30 for sharpshooter, and 36 for expert.

Reduced Range Ammunition—Ammunition that is designed to be a ballistic match with service ammunition to an appropriate range for training (may be less than maximum effective range) and a reduced maximum range.

Regular Rear Sight—The M16A1 rifle rear sight that is zeroed for 250 meters (the unmarked aperture on rifles with standard sights and the aperture marked L on rifles equipped with LLLSS).

Reinforcement Training—Training conducted that is over and above scheduled training.

Remedial Action — A procedure applied after immediate action has failed to correct a malfunction, which determines the cause of the malfunction.

Remedial Training—Additional training presented to soldiers who have demonstrated special shooting problems.

Remote Electronic Target System (RETS)—New range complexes. Some ranges include moving targets.

Reserve Components — Includes Army National Guard and Army Reserve forces.

Ricochet Fire—Fire in which the projectile glances from a surface after impact.

Riddle Sighting Device—A small magnetic device with a scaled target that attaches to the front sight assembly, allowing the soldier to practice aiming.


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