centers with proper facilities. When using smaller ranges, the unit is divided into three or more orders.)

On 25-meter ranges, a firing position and sandbags should be provided at each firing point so instruction in firing from supported positions can be conducted (see Figure G-l).

Figure G-1. The 25-meter range.


between fighting positions

The control tower manages live-firing operations and monitors the progress of training. It is not intended that instruction and training be performed from the tower—training is conducted on the firing line by the instructor/trainer. Before each live-fire exercise, personnel must be briefed on range safety regulations and have hearing protection.

A control or point tower should be centrally located to the rear of the firing line. It should be elevated to permit unrestricted observation of the range, both to the rear of the firing line and to a safe distance beyond the line of targets to the front. All firing commands are issued from the control tower and must be obeyed immediately. The only exception is if an unsafe act occur — the first soldier to see such an act should command CEASE FIRE.

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