At this time the pit officer issues the command TARGETS UP. When the targets are in the fully raised position, the pit officer starts his stopwatch. The raising of the targets is the command to commence fire. The chief range officer may also command COMMENCE FIRE. When the allotted time is completed, the pit officer commands TARGETS DOWN to the pit crew. The chief range officer commands CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE when he observes the targets being lowered. The chief range officer can also keep time with the pit officer; however, the pit officer is the official timekeeper.


Allowable alibis are allotted six seconds for each unfired round. An allowable alibi is a malfunction of the rifle or ammunition, which is not associated with firer error. Rounds not expended during the allotted time do not constitute an alibi and are counted as misses. Only one alibi for each table is authorized. If a rifle continues to malfunction, it is removed from the firing line so the armorer can inspect or repair it.

The chief range officer repeats the fire commands for alibi firers. Cross-fires are not allowable alibis for the cross-firing soldier. The recipient of the cross-fired rounds re fire the table. The cross-firer is awarded misses for those shots on the wrong target. The cross-firer may refire the course. Regardless of his total hits during refire, he can be rated only as a marksman with a score of 26. The recipient is not penalized.

The firing line safety personnel "time" their firers. When alibi firings are completed and on order from the pit officer, all targets are scored, disked, and raised by the pit crew. Firers receive feedback regarding shot group size and location. The pit officer lowers the targets when all soldiers have observed their shot groups. The disks are removed and targets repaired for the next firing table. The chief range officer informs the pit officer if he elects to have all personnel fire at each yard line before moving to the next firing line. The firing line safety crew clears all rifles after completing each firing table and before changing yards lines. The tower operator commands:

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