Spotters—A round cardboard disk placed in bullet holes with a small wooden peg so that bullet strike can be observed from the firing line.

Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) — A lightweight, one-man, 5.56-mm machine gun.

Starlight Scope—A weapon scope that amplifies ambient light so targets can be seen and effectively engaged during darkness. The AN/PVS-2 and AN/PVS-4 are used on the M16 rifle.

Steady Position—The first marksmanship fundamental, which refers to the establishment of a position that allows the weapon to be held still while it is being fired.

Stock Weld—The contact of the cheek with the stock of the weapon.

Supported Position—Any position that uses something other than the body to steady the weapon (artificial support).

Suppressive Fire—Any engagement that does not have a definite or visible target. Firing in the general direction of known or suspected enemy location.

Sustained Rate of Fire—Rate of fire that a weapon can continue to deliver for an indefinite period without overheating.

Terminal Ballistics — What happens to the bullet when it comes in contact with the target.

Tight Shot Group—A shot group with all bullet holes close together.

Tracer Ammunition—Ammunition with a substance at the rear of the bullet that ignites soon after firing. It burns brightly so the trajectory of the bullet can be seen.

Tracking—Engaging moving targets where the lead is established and maintained; moving with the target as the trigger is squeezed.

Train the Trainer—Describes any training that is designed to train marksmanship instructors or coaches.

Trainfire — A marksmanship program using pop-up targets in a realistic environment.

Trajectory—The flight path the bullet takes from the rifle to the target.

Trapping—A technique for engaging moving targets. The aiming point is established forward of the target. The rifle is held stationary and fired as the target approaches the aiming point.

Trigger Squeeze—The fourth fundamental; squeezing the trigger so that the movement of firing is a surprise, the lay of the weapon is not disturbed, and a large target hit can be expected.

Unit Marksmanship — All marksmanship training that is conducted by units.

Unlocking—The step in the cycle of operation that refers to the clockwise rotation of the bolt after firing, freeing the bolt from the barrel locking lugs.


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