Eye Relief—The distance from the firing eye to the rear sight. Eye relief is a function of stock weld.

Feedback—Obtaining knowledge of performance.

Feedback Target—Targets designed for use at 75, 175, or 300 meters; includes an overprinted grid similar to a zero target.

Feeding—The step in the cycle of operation that is the forward movement of the bolt, stripping the top round from the magazine and moving it toward the chamber.

Field Firing—Training on the standard field firing range with target banks at 75, 175, and 300 meters.

Firing—The step in the cycle of operation that refers to pulling the trigger, releasing the hammer to strike the firing pin, which strikes the primer. The primer ignites and, in turn, ignites the powder charge within the cartridge case-

Firing Hand—The right hand of a right-handed firer. The left hand of a left-handed firer.

Firing Pin — Plunger in the bolt of a rifle that strikes the primer.

Fleeting Target — A moving target remains within observing or firing distance for such a short period that it affords little time for deliberate adjustment and fire against it.

Functioning—(See cycle of operation.)

Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship — The four essential elements needed to hit targets: steady position, aiming, breath control, and trigger squeeze.

Gravity—The natural pull of all objects to the center of the earth.

Grouping—A live-fire exercise with the objective of shooting tight shot groups.

Gun Bore Line —A reference line established by the linear extension of the bore axis of a gun.

Headspace—The distance between the face of the bok (fully closed) and the face of a fully chambered cartridge.

Hold-off— (See adjusted aiming point.)

Horizontal Dispersion—The left-to-right displacement of bullets on a target.

Immediate Action—A procedure applied to rapidly reduce any rifle stoppage without determining its cause.

Individual Firing Proficiency — Individual firing skills; for example, an individual's performance on the record fire course.

Infantry Remoted Target System (IRETS) - (See RETS.)

Infrared Aiming Light—Aunique night sighting system that uses infrared light to assist in the aiming process.


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