Order of target presentation. The scaled 100-meter and 250-meter targets (or 75 meters, 175 meters, and 300 meters) are presented in a mixed order according to a planned schedule.

Ratio of target presentation. Targets are presented in a ratio of three 250-meter targets to one 100-meter target (or three 300 meters, two 175 meters to one 75 meters). A 64-target scenario consisting of two 32-target scenarios (the first engaged from the supported position; the second from the prone unsupported position) is conducted with a short break.

Target exposure time. Exposure time is four seconds for the scaled 250-meter targets (or 175 meters and 300 meters) and two seconds for the scaled 100-meter target (or 75 meters).

Intertarget interval. The time between target exposures should be varied from one to eight seconds.

Target mode. The kill mode is used so that targets fall when they are hit.

A score of 41 hits out of the 64 targets on Weaponeer indicates that soldiers canproceed to actual record fire. Soldiers who score lower than 41 should receive remedial training.

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