Maintaining the M16Al Rifle 1-939-071-0011-F

Preventing and Correcting

Common Malfunctions 1-939-071-0012-F

Zero the M16A1 Rifle 1-939-071-0213-J

Zero M16A1 Aim and Fire Techniques 1-939-071-0214-F

Zero M16A1 Analyze and Correct Errors 1-939-071-0215-F

Perform Operator Maintenance on an M16A1 071-311-2001 Rifle, Magazine, and Ammunition (Plus hands-on test)

Load, Reduce a Stoppage, and Clear 071-311-2003 an M16A1 Rifle (Plus hands-on test)

Battlesight Zero an M16A1 Rifle 071-311-2004

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