STANDARDS: Soldiers must demonstrate the ability to reduce a stoppage by applying the six steps of immediate action.

NOTE: Care must be taken in teaching immediate action (SPORTS) to clear a weapon stoppage. This technique must not be confused with the procedure for correctly loading a magazine into the weapon due to the position of the bolt.

TASK: Load and unload an M16A1/A2 rifle magazine.

CONDITIONS: Given either a 20- or 30-round magazine and 5 rounds of dummy ammunition.

STANDARDS: Load and unload the magazine.

a. Loading the Magazine. Cartridges are loaded into the magazine so that the projectile or the rounds point in the same direction as the raised portion of the follower.

b. Unloading the Magazine. Hold the magazine open end away from the body and depress the center of the top round in the magazine, allowing the first round to be slipped out of the magazine. This process is repeated until all rounds have been removed.

TASK: Adjust front and rear sights on the M16A1/A2 rifle.

CONDITIONS: Given an M16A1/A2 rifle, dummy 5.56-mm bullet, nail or other suitable instrument, explanation, demonstration, and practical exercise.

STANDARDS: Demonstrate an understanding of sight adjustment procedures by moving the front and rear sights in relationship to the intended movement of the strike of a bullet.

Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship (Dry Fire).

TASK: Apply the four basic fundamentals of marksmanship.

a. Steady position.

b. Aiming.

c. Breath control.

d. Trigger squeeze.

CONDITIONS: Day, in a suitable training area given, an M16A1 rifle from either the supported or prone unsupported position; and using the target-box exercise, dime (washer) exercise, M16 sighting device, and riddle sighting device while wearing a helmet and LBE.

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