can be expected to fire well on record fire. Following the critique of the second firing, these results are recorded and the targets are retained for future reference. No shot groups are fired on this target, but the concept of shot-group analysis is still valid. Considerable information can be obtained by checking the direction and distance of each 10 shots from target center as though they were a 10-shot group.

Targets in Figure E-l have the 4-cm circle located at target center while the targets in Figure E-3 have the circle located either above or below target center, except for the 250-meter target. During the training exercise, these targets are scored as hits if the bullets hit within the black. However, the objective is to put all bullets within the circle. To progress at a pace that is not too fast for the soldier to understand, the initial targets use center-of-mass aiming so the soldier understands center of mass while aiming on various size targets. On the timed-fire targets, the option is provided for making adjusted aiming allowances for gravity. That is, the circles are placed on the timed-fire target at the aiming point that will place bullets at target center when firing a target at the range indicated. For example, the soldier must aim low on a 150-meter target to hit target center, and he must aim high on a 300-meter target to hit target center. Therefore, the option to use this adjusted aiming point is incorporated into the timed-fire target.

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