Target Angle. The rule does not apply to targets moving at small and large angles {Figure 4-16). For example, a walking enemy soldier at 250 meters is hit dead center when he is moving at 40 degrees. Hits can be obtained if he is moving on any angle between 15 and 75 degrees. When he is running (a center hit is obtained when the target is on an angle of 18 degrees), misses occur when he exceeds an angle of 30 to 35 degrees. The information provided in Figures 4-13, page 4-23, and 4-14, page 4-24, is designed to enhance instructor understanding so proper concepts are presented during instruction. For example, a target at 100 meters moving at 6 mph receives a center hit when moving at 29 degrees. When moving at an angle less than 29 degrees, the bullet strikes somewhat in front of target center. When moving at an angle of more than 29 degrees, the bullet strikes somewhat behind target center.

Figure 4-16. Target angle when dead center: hits accure using single lead rule.

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