Ball, tracer, blank, dummy, and plastic 210 rounds

Recommended basic load(30-round magazine)


Barrel rifling Right hand; one twist in 7 inches Muzzle velocity 3,100 fps

(approximately) Cyclic rate of fire 700 to 800 rounds per minute (approximately) MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE RATE OF FIRE:

Semiautomatic Automatic

(3 round burst) Sustained

Maximum range: EFFECTIVE RANGE:

Daytime against man-sized stationary combat target Daytime against man-sized moving target

Maximum effective range: Point target Area target

45 rounds per minute 90 rounds per minute

12 to 15 rounds per minute 3,600 meters

50 percent PH at 250 to300 meters

30 to 40 percent PH at 200 meters combat or less

550 meters 800 meters

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