M16a1 Aiming Card

aiming card, C-2 (illus) ammunition, 2-16

bolt, M2, C-14 care and handling, 2-17 short-range training, C-14 types and characteristics, 2-16 (illus) automatic fire effectiveness, 4-8 modifications, 4-9 training, 4-20

ball-and-dummy exercise, C-7 ballistics bullet dispersion, F-17 external, F-16 internal, F-14 terminal, F-17 blank firing attachment, C-4, C-5 (illus)

caliber .22 rimfire adapter, M261, C-12 characteristics, 2-2 clearing, 2-1 (illus) M16A1 and M16A2,2-2 (table) coach checklist, 3-20 combat fire techniques automatic fire, 4-7 MOPP firing, 4-14 moving target engagement, 4-19 quick fire, 4-11 rapid semiautomatic fire, 4-3 suppressive fire, 4-1

DA Form 3009-R (Target Detection Exercise Answer Sheet — Periods 1, 2, and 8), B-17 DA Form 3010-R (Target Detection

Exercise Answer Sheet —Period 3), B-19

DA Form 3011-R (Target Detection

Exercise Answer Sheet —Period 5), B-23 DA Form 3014-R (Target Detection

Exercise Answer Sheets Tests No. 2 and 3-Period 9), B-31 DA Form 3595-R (Record Fire Scorecard),

Firing Scorecard), G-36 DA Form 5239-R (75-, 175-, and 300-Meter Downragne Feedback Scorecard), G-21 DA Form 5241-R (Single and Multiple

Targets—Field Firing Scorecard), G-37 DA Form 5789-R (Record Firing Score-

card—Known-Distance Course), G-31 DA Form 5790-R (Record Firing Scorecard — Scaled Target Alternate Course), G-52

DA Form 5791-R (Target Detection Answer Sheet—Period 7), B-27

destruction of materiel field-expedient, 2-18 means, 2-18

dime (washer) exercise, C-8 downrange feedback, G-16

training, 3-27, 4-18

dry fire concept of zeroing, 3-21 conduct of, 3-18

downrange feedback training, 3-27 exercises, 4-11, 4-13, 4-18, 5-5 field fire training, 3-27 grouping, 3-21 peer coaching, 3-18 practice record fire, 3-27 record fire, 3-27

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