-B 4"



-5 3"





-9 2"






-2 r




-2 1"



NOTE: Plus (+) indicates bullet strike in the direction of movement; minus (-) indicates bullet strike behind the target center.

should be developed through experience with only general guidance provided. For example, if there is much lateral movement of the target and the soldier feels by applying the lead rule and firing fundamentals he has missed the target, then he should increase his lead.

The training program must be simple and provide soldiers with only relevant information to improve their performance in combat. First, all soldiers should understand and apply the single-lead rule in the absence of more information. Second, soldiers should understand that moving targets coming toward them or on a slight angle (0 to 15 degrees) should be engaged as stationary targets. Third, information should be presented and practice allowed on applying additional lead to targets for soldiers who demonstrate an aptitude for this skill.

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