19. Do your soldiers demonstrate individual marksmanship proficiency during MOPP firing conditions? During collective exercises?

20. Do your soldiers demonstrate proficiency in moving target engagements? Do they demonstrate proficiency collectively at the multipurpose range complex by hitting moving targets? If not, do you conduct moving target training?

21. Do you integrate marksmanship skills into tactical exercises and unit live-fire exercises? If so, do you conduct suppressive fire, rapid-semiautomatic fire, and automatic/burst fire? What tasks in the mission training plan are evaluated?

22. Based on your on-site observations and analysis of training and firing performance, what skills or tasks show a readiness deficiency?

a. What skills need training emphasis? Individual emphasis? Leader emphasis?

b. What are your performance goals?

23. Who has trained or will train the trainers?

a. What is the subject matter expertise of the cadre?

b. Are they actually training the critical skills?

c. Have they addressed the nonfiring skills first?

d. What aids and devices are being used?

24. What administrative constraints or training distractors can you overcome for the junior officer and NCO?

a. At what level are the recourses necessary to train marksmanship controlled—time, aids, weapons, ammunition, ranges?

b. Do the sergeants do the job they are charged with?

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