Initial Sight Setting Meters

Before firing, the soldier sets the initial sight setting for 25-meters on his weapon. (This is equivalent to using the L sight on the M16A1.) To do this, he adjusts the front sight up or down until the base of the sight post is flush with the sight post well. He, then, turns the rear windage knob until the index mark on the 0-2 sight is aligned with the rear sight base index (Figure G-25). The elevation knob is turned one click past the 8/3 mark (8/3 + 1). The elevation knob remains in this position until the battlesight zero is obtained.

During zeroing for elevation, the soldier makes all adjustments with the front sight post. To place the actual 300-meter zero on the rifle, he rotates the elevation knob down one click so that the 8/3 mark on the range scale is aligned with the alignment mark on the side of the rifle receiver. Once zero is accomplished, for engagements at ranges greater than 300 meters, he places the correct range setting on the elevation knob to obtain point of aim/point of impact.

0 -1

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