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M16a1 Target

Point of ai mat each target, at all ranges, is "center of mass" or in the center of the chest. Point of impact is also center of mass. Note that fire on targetat 300meters is also effective on 400meter target. At SOOmeters, fire does not exceed the height of a man at any point along its trajectory.

the correct information so they can improve their firing performance by adjusting their aiming point to allow for the effects of gravity.

The use of an adjusted aiming point could be more important for combat than for qualification since the combat environment is unstructured. For example, the soldier who must fire into a small bunker aperture located at a range of 150 meters could be more effective if he understands he must aim low. Also, a soldier who is trying to hit a head-and-shoulders type target at a range of 325 meters could increase his hit probability if he aimed high using a regular sight or aims low using the long-range sight. Usually a soldier should aim low for targets closer than 250 meters and aim high for targets farther away than 250 meters. This increases combat effectiveness while adding minimum complications to the marksmanship training program.

M16AL Theoretically, using these aiming points places the center of each shot group (assuming a perfect zero) at target center, allowing for a maximum number of other variables and soldier error. These adjustments are small and should only be applied by competent firers who wish to improve their firing performance. The aiming points in Figure F-6, page F-5, are for use with the long-range sight. Since the sight is zeroed for 375 meters, the 350- and 400-meter targets can be engaged with center-of-mass aiming. As ranges exceed 400 meters, some adjustment of the aiming point is required for a better chance of hitting the target.

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