Ma Standard Sights And Zeroing

To battlesight zero the rifle, the soldier must understand sight adjustment procedures. The best possible zero is obtained by zeroing at actual range. Because facilities normally do not exist for zeroing at 250 meters, most zeroing is conducted at 25 meters. By pushing the rear sight forward so the L is exposed, the bullet crosses line of sight at 25 meters, reaches a maximum height above line of sight of about 11 inches at 225 meters, and crosses line of sight again at 375 meters (Figure 3-21).

To gain the many benefits associated with having bullets hit exactly where the rifle is aimed during 25-meter firing, the long-range sight is used on the zero range. Therefore, when bullets are adjusted to hit the same place the rifle is aimed at 25 meters, the bullet also hits where the rifle is aimed at 375 meters. After making this adjustment and flipping back to the short-range sight and aiming center of mass at a 42-meter target, the bullet crosses the line of sight at 42 meters and again at 250 meters as shown in Figure 3-22.

M16a1 Rifle

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