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The following marksmanship training guide contains the current tasks that are trained in basic rifle marksmanship programs, during basic combat training at ATCs, and during infantry OSUT. It provides a basis for structuring unit sustainment programs. The unit normally trains by performing a diagnostic test of the tasks and conducts training only for soldiers who must improve their firing skills. Training is usually conducted in a shorter time frame than at IET.

Introduction to Rifle Marksmanship and Mechanical Training.

TASK: Perform operator maintenance on M16A1/A2 rifle, magazine, and ammunition.

CONDITIONS: Given an M16A1/A2 rifle, magazine, 5.56-mm dummy ammunition, and small-arms maintenance equipment case.


a. Clear and disassemble an M16A1/A2 rifle.

b. Inspect, clean, and lubricate the rifle.

c. Assemble the rifle and perform a functional check.

d. Disassemble the magazine.

e. Clean and lubricate the magazine.

f. Assemble the magazine.

g. Clean the ammunition.

TASK: Perform immediate-action procedures on the M16A1/A2 rifle to reduce a stoppage.

CONDITIONS: Given an M16A1/A2 rifle, 5 rounds of dummy 5.56-mm ammunition, and a 20-/30-round magazine.

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