Means Of Destruction

Certain procedures outlined require use of explosives and incendiary grenades. Issue of these and related principles, and specific conditions under which destruction is effected, are command decisions. Of the several means of destruction, the following apply:

• Mechanical. Requires axe, pick mattock, sledge, crowbar, or other heavy implement.

• Burning. Requires gasoline, oil, incendiary grenades, and other flammables, or welding or cutting torch.

• Demolition. Requires suitable explosives or ammunition. Under some circumstances, hand grenades can be used.

• Disposal. Requires burying in the ground, dumping in streams or marshes, or scattering so widely as to preclude recovery of essential parts.

It is important that the same parts be destroyed on all like materiel, including spare parts, so that the enemy cannot rebuild one complete unit from several damaged units. If destruction is directed, appropriate safety precautions must be observed.

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