Other Malfunctions

Some other malfunctions that can occur are as follows.

• Failure of the bolt to remain in a rearward position after the last round in the magazine is fired. Check for a bad magazine or short recoil.

• Failure of the bolt to lock in the rearward position when the bolt catch has been engaged. Check bolt catch; replace as required.

• Firing two or more rounds when the trigger is pulled and the selection lever is in the SEMI position. This indicates a worn sear, cam, or disconnector. Turn in to armorer to repair and replace trigger group parts as required.

• Trigger will not pull or return after release with the selector set in a firing position. This indicates that the trigger pin (Figure 2-16 A) has backed out of the receiver or the hammer spring is broken. Turn in to armorer to replace or repair.

• Failure of the magazine to lock into the rifle (Figure 2- 16B). Check the magazine and check magazine catch for damage. Turn in to armorer to adjust the catch; replace as required.

• Failure of any part of the bolt carrier group to function (Figure 2-16C). Check for incorrect assembly of components. Correctly clean and assemble the bolt carrier group, or replace damaged parts,

• Failure of the ammunition to feed from the magazine (Figure 2-16D). Check for damaged magazine. A damaged magazine could cause repeated feeding failures and should be turned in to armorer or exchanged.

NOTE: Additional technical information on troubleshooting malfunctions and repairing components is contained in the organizational and DS maintenance publications and manuals.

Figure 2-16. Other Possiable Malfunctions.

A. Check receiver for broken hammer spring..

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